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Best Tanning Beds For Sale

You know how important quality tanning beds are for your tanning salon. By offering high-quality tanning beds for sale, as well as other tanning products, we can help you establish or expand the indoor tanning options for your customers. The products we offer are a blend of technology and beauty so that you get the best indoor tanning systems for your customers without sacrificing the overall aesthetic of your tanning salon. No matter what specific needs you have, Sun Spa Wellness will have what you need so that your business can offer the best indoor tanning experience for your customers.

About Sun Spa Wellness

Sun Spa Wellness is a manufacturing representative offering high-quality tanning beds and commercial tanning systems for your tanning salon, spa, or as an amenity for your residential community or fitness center. Whatever your need, Sun Spa Wellness understands the importance of matching the best quality beds with superior customer service to ensure that you get exactly what you need. Whether you are new to offering indoor tanning or want to expand what you already have, Sun Spa Wellness will have something for you.

Along with tanning beds, we offer:

  • Sauna and steam wellness pods
  • Spray tanning systems
  • Aqua massage tables
  • Light therapy products (including blue-light, red-light, and multi-light devices)
  • Cryo-therapy machines

Many of our products are available in both new and used.

We recognize that wellness requires a holistic approach of mind, body, and spirit health. Through our high-quality products and customer service, we offer a holistic approach to our business partnership so you can have the equipment needed to achieve your business goals and help your customers improve their health and wellness.

Quality Tanning Beds

At Sun Spa Wellness, we offer a wide range of high-quality tanning booths and beds for sale. Whether you are just starting out or looking to expand your services, we have the right equipment for you. We currently offer Luxura, ProSun, and KBL tanning beds and booths. We can also provide MegaSun tanning products. No matter which brand you want, we can provide you the best quality products for your indoor tanning needs. All your tanning needs are important to us, so we will have something that will be a good fit for your tanning salon. You can learn more about each of our models on our product pages. In addition, our experts will be happy to answer any questions you have about our products, their specifications, and what these products can add to your tanning salon experience.

KBL Tanning Beds

KBL 7900 Alpha Deluxe
KBL 7900 Alpha Deluxe Tanning Bed

The KBL 7900 Alpha Deluxe is a tanning system that offers unrivaled features and superior results. Along with superior lamps and comfortable aromas and air-conditioning, this model offers an MP3/SD card audio system and volume control as well as Bluetooth connectivity. This makes your customers' tanning experiences on par with their favorite spa vacation spot.

KBL 7000 Alpha
KBL 7000 Alpha Tanning Bed

The KBL 7000 Alpha extraSun blends amazing comfort with cutting edge technology to meet your customers' needs. This tanning bed offers an MP3/SD card audio system and volume control, Bluetooth connectivity, AAA comfort (aquaCool, aroma and air-conditioned), and ACS auto-adjusting ventilation. This high-quality tanning bed is an excellent addition to any tanning salon.

KBL 6800 Alpha Pearl
KBL 6800 Alpha Pearl Tanning Bed

The KBL 6800 Alpha Pearl is an artistically-inspired tanning bed that provides features that will continue to impress your customers. This sleek, beautiful tanning bed offers AAA comfort (aquaCool, aroma and air-conditioned) and an MP3/SD card audio system and volume control. Blending a unique aesthetic with powerful capabilities, this tanning bed will be everything you need it to be for your tanning salon.

KBL 6700 Alpha
KBL 6700 Alpha Tanning Bed

The KBL 6700 Alpha is an affordable and stylish tanning bed for your salon. Its high performance and valuable features make it a great choice to provide what your customers want without blowing your budget. This tanning bed offers AA comfort (aquaCool and air-conditioned), an MP3/SD card audio system and volume control, and Bluetooth connectivity.

KBL 5600 Alpha
KBL 5600 Alpha Tanning Bed

The KBL 5600 Alpha sets the standard for premium performance with an intersection of beautiful design and an attractive cost. This high-quality tanning bed offers AAA comfort (aquaCool, aroma, and air-conditioned) an MP3/SD card audio system and volume control, and ACS auto-adjusting ventilation.

KBL 4800 Alpha
KBL 4800 Alpha Tanning Bed

The KBL 4800 Alpha is a comfortable tanning bed that blends with your modern aesthetic and offering the best technology available. Along with an attractive, price, this tanning bed offers features that will make it a great addition to your tanning salon. It also offers an MP3/SD card audio system and volume control as well as adjustable facial output and an adjustable body fan.

KBL Tower pure Energy 5.0
KBL Tower pure Energy 5.0 Tanning Bed

The KBL Tower pure Energy 5.0 tanning booth is more than a vertical tanning booth. It offers ACS intelligence technology for ease of use, a bodyCool fan to keep customers comfortable during their tanning sessions, and an MP3/SD card audio system and volume control. This tanning booth also offers optional Bluetooth connectivity. When you need power and features without taking up a lot of floor space, this model just may be the best option for you.

KBL Space 2000
KBL Space 2000 Tanning Bed

The KBL Space 2000 is the perfect way to save floor space and provide for your customers' needs. It offers ACS intelligence technology for ease of use, a bodyCool fan to keep customers comfortable during their tanning sessions, and an MP3/SD card audio system and volume control. This model also offers optional vibraNano. If you want to expand your indoor tanning and protect your floor space, this is an excellent option for your business.

Quality Service

Along with high-quality tanning beds and booths, Sun Spa Wellness prides itself on superior customers service at every stage of our business relationship. Whether you need information about our products or need help once your bed has been installed, we want to keep working closely with you so you will have everything you need for your tanning salon.

We match our quality products with our industry experience and dedication to your satisfaction so that you will be happy with every purchase you make. Our experience and knowledge of tanning solutions will ensure that we can guide you to the best purchase for your needs to keep your customers happy and meet your business needs. For example, our vertical tanning booths minimize the amount of floor space taken up for small environments.

If you have questions about any of our products or want help picking the best tanning beds or booths for you, contact us today for more information.