Welcome to the SSW / Sun Spa Wellness Lamp Center where BIG savings on lamps for tanning beds is an understatement. SSW / Sun Spa Wellness has partnered with leading suppliers to offer the most comprehensive selection of lamps for tanning equipment available for every tanning bed/booth make, model and year.

Whether you have newer Ergoline equipment that requires smart cards with the lamps or a basic 100 watt lamp for your older 20 minute ETS tanning bed we have you covered. High Pressure, Tubes, 2 meter lamps or shoulder tanner lamps SSW / Sun Spa Wellness will deliver. We will deliver quality, superior service and most of all - BIG Savings on the most recognized tanning lamps brands in the industry.

Do your business a favor, when looking for tanning bed lamps for sale give SSW / Sun Spa Wellness an opportunity to provide you with an estimate for your next lamp order. We think you will find that your next and future orders will be with us.

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