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Easy Financing

Building or enhancing the Salon, Spa, Tanning or Fitness center of your dreams is easy when you finance your equipment with Castleton Capital.

Castleton Capital has been providing financing to small businesses for over 20 years and is an industry leader. Our team has over 100 years of financing experience and will work directly with you and Sun Spa Wellness to finalize your order.

Let us help you make your dreams reality with flexible, convenient, and affordable financing options.

About Castleton Capital

Castleton Capital is the leading equipment funding source for the Salon & Spa and Tanning and Fitness industries.

Over the past 20 years, we have financed more than $450 million to the Salon & Spa, Tanning, and Fitness industries; meeting the needs of over 15,000 business owners. Because of our extensive lending capacity, long-term relationships and industry expertise, we can offer creative solutions to all your capital needs. We can help make your dreams a reality!

Benefits of Financing

More than 80% of U.S. companies lease some or all of their equipment.

Here are some of the reasons why leasing has become such a popular financing option.

  • Less Risk
    At Castleton Capital, the only collateral pledged is the equipment being financed. Banks usually require a lien on ALL major assets of the business.
  • Convenience and Ease
    For most financing requests, Castleton Capital can make a decision with just a completed application, conversely, most lending institutions will require tax returns, financial statements, bank statements and projections! This can take hours to accumulate. Time that keeps you away from your business and being able to generate income. At Castleton Capital, most customers will have answers and financing options within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Smaller Down Payment
    Castleton Capital does not require a large down payment on the equipment you are financing. In fact, sometimes no money down at all is required. Bank loans often require up to a 40% down payment.
  • Flexibility
    Castleton Capital gives you more flexible options at the end of the financing. The equipment can be purchased at a pre-set price, fair market value or returned.
  • Tax Advantages
    Many of our financing options offer you the ability to write off 100% your monthly equipment payments. Bank loans typically only allow you to deduct the interest portion. Ask your accountant about the tax advantages to leasing.