The Elysium Device™

The Elysium Device™

Energy Medicine per doctors and scientists dating back to before pioneers like Albert Einstein and Raymond Rife have posited that energy is the new frontier for wellness. Hospitals scan the body with light, sound, heat, X-rays, and electromagnetic waves to reveal energetic disturbances in the body so that doctors can assess an issue that requires treatment.

For over 1000 years, light, color, and sounds have been used to build wellness within the physical body. Companies like NOVOCURE are researching and finding resonant frequencies behind specific diseases and treating those diseases with resonance. Pulsed electromagnetic waves, TENS, radio-frequencies, and photobiomodulation are supported by thousands of peer-reviewed published clinical trials.

Bioresonance is a term that defines the wavelengths of light and energy that resonate from the body. Bioresonant scanning represents scanning the body to identify frequencies that are not normal. Bioresonant therapy might be defined as using energetic signatures to seed or rewrite dysfunctional energy patterns. Like a blueprint for a building, a design flaw in a building’s wiring can create functional challenges, electrical shorts, and even fires. The building can burn down.

The Elysium Device™ combines all of the incredible benefits of the ATP system, with the patent-pending technology of the ATP RF system, with energetic scanning designed to

  • Code in corrective frequencies to augment the assessment
  • Code in corrective frequencies to augment the assessment
  • Augment the assessment with a predetermined carrier wave combination of PEMF, TENS, Haptic, RF, or Photobiomodulation
Photobiomodulation Bed
  • 15 Preloaded "Supersets"
  • 25 Preloaded "Invader Sets"
  • 400,000 hertz pulse frequency capability
  • 6 Simultaneous frequency capabilities
  • 6 Wavelengths targetting 3 chromophores

The patent-pending capabilities of ARRC LED photobiomodulation beds represent our dream to accelerate humanity’s quest to build the ultimate energy medicine device. The big dream is a device that would scan for root cause energetic disturbances, assess the condition based on that scan, and then augment the assessment with targeted photonic distribution protocols shaped by resonance and corrective seeding codes. We are close!

ARRC LED is a factory direct manufacturer, designed, built, and sourced in the USA. What this ultimately means is superior technology, quality builds and unparalleled support, at more than competitive prices. While most focus on sales, we invest in research and technology. In 2021 this ‘Game Changing’ technology goes public.

ARRC LED’s new patent-pending technology includes extraordinary capabilities:

  • Pulse capacities up to 400,000 hertz allow the 2021 ATP Base system to include the same resonant frequencies that PEMF, TENS, Scalar, and Homeopathy have used for decades, and deliver them through the noninvasive power of a Full Body LED Light Bed.
  • 6 Individual wavelength controls allow ATP Light Therapy Bed to simultaneously create up to 6 different pulse formats and shift both the pulse signatures and wavelength combinations throughout each preset protocol.
  • The ATP RF and Elysium Device can be run with PEMF to create a phase sync combination therapy.
  • ATP systems target 3 distinct chromophores rather than the commonly targeted CCO channel.
  • Photobiomodulation groups are now saying “Green is the new Red” because green, surprisingly, is outperforming red in a number of recent studies. ARRC LED systems have incorporated green since our introduction in 2015, because of what we had experienced with LED Light Therapy… since 2007.
  • Dose optimization is an important distinction that is often misrepresented. Rather than fight to be the biggest, our mission is to optimize dose. Bigger is not better. The ATP systems actually limit radiant output by over 50% of capacity on our super-premium German LED’s so they fall into optimal dose parameters. This optimizes the dose and extends the life of the device. According to Dr. Hamblin, ‘optimal’ means between 30 – 60mw/cm2 for red and near-infrared with cumulative energy under 100mw/cm2, measured ‘on the skin’. Mission accomplished!
  • Finally, there is The Elysium Device™. We ask this question. What if a Light Therapy Bed could scan the body to identify energetic disturbances, assess their root cause, and then augment that assessment by shaping a targeted photonic delivery with a combination of resonance and seed frequencies? Big dreams. The Elysium Device™ will go into test phase Q2 2021.

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