The Pagani CRYO STAR 5.0 is the next genesis of Cryo T Shock technology. CRYO STAR 5.0 employs the science of thermal shock, ie, alternating hot and cold at various times, temperatures and sequences in pre-programmed protocols organized by gender and treatment area. This non-invasive device performs a myriad of functions at the touch of a button, including: sm/avg/xl fat and cellulite reduction; skin rejuvenation; face/neck/decollete treatments; scar/stretchmark reduction; muscle relax, and: much more. The CRYO STAR's 10" touch screen is lightning fast with an intuitive interface that features: Client Data Storage; Video Tutorials; The ability to create and store custom programs, and scalability to upgrade to the automated, static pad version at any time.

Key Features
  • 50mm face and body wand
  • 22mm facial coupler
  • Carrying Case
  • Extensive Aesthetic Architecture
  • Client Data Storage
  • Built-in Tutorial Videos
  • Virtual Assistant
  • The Ability to Create and Store Custom Programs
  • Scalable to upgrade to CRYO STAR 6.0 with static pads at any time

With each Pagani device purchase you receive: Training by a Pagani Certified Aesthetician; Access to our Owners Site and Helpdesk; Once month of complimentary FB and Instagram marketing; POS and Social Media Marketing Support, and: a two year warranty.

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