Sun Angel 400

Sun Angel 400

The key to the SUNANGEL's tanning technology is the proprietary skin sensor. It is used to calculate a personalized session that gives each customer an individual and customized dose of UV light. The SUNANGEL sensor measures your skin's current UV light sensitivity in only seconds, virtually eliminating the risk of overexposure.

The new SUNANGEL generation features an easier-to use sensor with even higher accuracy, and maybe best of all, it is self-calibrating!

  • Ease of Operation
  • Sensor Accuracy
  • Color-Coded Feedback
  • Self-Calibrating

The SUNANGEL delivers outstanding tanning results while virtually eliminating the risk of a sunburn. It is the ideal solution for most tanners, as it adjusts its performance to each skin type and gives each tanner just the right amount of UV.


Maximum Exposure time: 15 minutes

Automatic Performance:

Body: 40 x 160W

Face: 3 x 400W* 2 x 8W

  • Device Color: Heavenly White
  • Illuminted Decorbutton with SUNANGEL logo
  • Illuminted Interior

The SUNANGEL 400 comfort features will make your tanning session a heavenly experience

  • Air condition
  • Stero Sound with MP3
  • Body Curve base acrylic

The SUN ANGEL 400 comes equipped with features that make all aspects of tanning a breeze for both tanners and salon operators.

  • Glass Front Control Panel
  • Voice Guide
  • Sensor

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