MasterSun 360

MasterSun 360

All the power of 23 high pressure 600W Kalfasun lamps and seven 1500W lamps. The 5 columns are distributed so as to tan the entire body in a matter of minutes. 360° tanning: turning over is no longer required. The ergonomic acrylic, powerful ventilation all over the body, high quality audio system with radio/MP3 reader boost the customer’s satisfaction. Thanks to the advanced electronic control board, an in-depth control of the entire unit can be run.

  • Radio with MP3
  • Illumination in canopy, base, interior
  • Classy white with blue and silver accents
  • 360° High Pressure tanning
  • User friendly control panel
  • 3 speed body ventilation
  • AC input connection for increased lounge cooling
Energy, Power & Tanning
  • 360˚High Pressure Tanning - Relax while you get all around 360˚ coverage from all high-pressure lamps to give a long-lasting tan thanks to the balanced mix and optimization of UV rays.
Air Flow, Cooling & Sensory
  • Anti Claustrophobic - A spacious open air canopy tanning area for those customers who enjoy tanning without constraints.
  • Adjustable Ventilation - A strong ventilation system with adjustable body fan ensures the customer receives maximum pleasure from every session. Style and comfort.
  • Ergonomic Acrylic - Ergonomically designed to provide the highest level of comfort and relaxation during the tanning session.
  • Manual Lift - Easy spring lift canopy.
Audio System
  • Integrated Audio System - Allows clients to enjoy their session to the fullest while listening to the quality sound from the integrated audio system with radio and mp3.
Equipment Control Centers
  • Electronic Control - T-Max control system integrated into the advanced electronic control board gives the user an in-depth control of their tanning comforts and connects to existing salon managers with ease.
Sportarredo Quality Guaranteed

Sportarredo solariums combine the pleasure of tanning with excellent performance that lasts over time: choose the solution that best meets your needs between a lay down, stand up or facial unit and automatically benefit from the warranty extension up to 3 years or 1,500 working hours.

  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS - 86” x 67” x 78”
  • POWER - Three Phase (available in single phase at 125amp)
  • WEIGHT - 2,000 lbs
  • AMPERAGE - 80 amps (available in single phase at 125amp)
  • EXPOSURE TIME - 15 minutes
  • VOLTAGE - 230
  • FACE - 3 Kalfasun 1530w
  • CANOPY - 4 Kalfasun 1530w
  • BENCH - 12 Kalfasun 630w
  • SIDE - 11 Kalfasun 630w

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