Hybrid Tanning and Red Light Therapy

Hybrid Series Tanning and Red Light

Many people have heard about the benefits of red light therapy, and have wondered whether these benefits could be obtained while also undergoing a tanning session. The answer to that is 'yes', although at present there are not that many machines in existence capable of providing this kind of hybrid tanning and red light therapy. Of course, you could always try to go the natural route and get a tan under the sun, but exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays can cause skin damage, and if this process is repeated frequently, it could leave you with skin that looks and feels leathery.

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy works just the opposite - it makes your skin more supple, more youthful, and more rejuvenated. Devices which deliver red light therapy help to improve blood circulation in the affected area, and that is what triggers the rejuvenation process, leaving you with younger-looking skin, and healthier skin cells. It also helps stimulate faster removal of waste and toxins, thereby giving a further boost to better health and better appearance. Not only does this discourage premature aging, but it can also even reverse some of the effects of aging.

Thus, it becomes an ideal scenario to combine the benefits of red light therapy with tanning, because you can have the wonderful look of healthy, tanned skin along with the very real benefits of younger, healthier skin. It is certainly possible to obtain both of these at separate sessions from separate devices, but there are now some machines capable of delivering both treatments at the same time. Obviously, this is more convenient and less expensive for the person who wishes to gain all the advantages during a single session.

Hybrid Tanning Beds

As mentioned above, hybrid tanning beds which are capable of delivering this two-pronged service do exist, but they are by no means readily available. In fact, you might have to search a bit before you can find one, and it may not even be available in your area. The reason they are not yet widespread is that the technology itself is fairly new, primarily because red light therapy has only recently been explored thoroughly, and discovered to have tremendous benefits. Then too, the cost of constructing such machines is somewhat prohibitive, and any gym or spa facility which purchases one, has to be concerned about their return on investment.

There will undoubtedly be a noticeable increase in the number of hybrid tanning beds available, and probably in the very near future, as more people become aware of the benefits which they're capable of providing. Red light therapy can improve quite a few issues for people, including hair loss, persistent pains, rosacea, and spider veins, so when this type of therapy gets recommended more often in the future, it will quickly become more popular among grateful patients.

Spray Tanning

Some people prefer to go the less expensive and more convenient route of using self-tanning products like spray tanners. While these can be reasonably effective for obtaining a temporary tanned look, they have to be periodically re-applied in order to retain their appearance. If you were to couple spray tanning with red light therapy, there would be no enhancement to the tan, because the tanning agent used in sprays (called DHA) actually operates on the outer dead skin cells, as opposed to the melanin affected by red light therapy.

Since red light therapy increases circulation and hastens the removal of toxins and dead cells, it would actually degrade the tan you achieved by spraying. On the other hand, red light therapy works in perfect harmony with tanning systems using ultraviolet light, and will actually enhance the tan you receive from this type of tanning machine.

Looking for Hybrid Tanning Beds

There are a number of tanning centers around the country which have already invested in hybrid tanning beds, as they have become aware of the terrific synergistic benefits possible when combining the two processes. These would be the first places to check in your area, because they are likeliest to have this kind of equipment at their facilities. Spas and other health centers might also have hybrid tanning beds installed, and they would be another place to look, so you could arrange to have several sessions. In terms of the machines themselves, here are some of the best hybrids to look for when you're trying to find the right equipment:

Ergoline 7200 - Ergoline is a primary manufacturers of hybrid tanning beds, and they also offer models such as the Prestige Hybrid, the Classic 600, and the Sundash 32 KBL GmbH - this is a German company which is also one that has a major interest in tanning beds, marketing several models such as the P9S Series, the P9S hybridSun, and a number of Sunsphere models.

If you're really interested in hybrid tanning, make a few calls to local facilities, and find out if they offer the hybrid tanning service. You will almost certainly be satisfied with the health benefits and the great appearance you get from several sessions of hybrid tanning.

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