cryoair flex

cryoair flex

The professional one-chamber system

Make cold your training and therapy partner! Using a cryoair flex cryo chamber from MECOTEC boosts performance in elite and amateur sport, and supports medical treatment and physiotherapy. That’s why you should opt for an electrical cryo chamber – and for MECOTEC, a worldwide market leader. This is how cold becomes your partner in training and therapy: Using a cryoair flex cold chamber from MECOTEC increases performance in elite performance and popular sports. That’s why you should invest an electric cryo chamber – and from MECOTEC, a worldwide market leader.

Boost your fitness - the pros in sport

The cryoair flex is like a short workout for athletes. A brief session at –85°C causes the blood vessels near the skin to first constrict and then dilate. That raises oxygen absorption, increases blood flow and hormone release – and boosts physical performance.

Cold is beautiful - the pros in wellness

In the cryoair flex, your body responds to a temperature of –85°C. This may prompt the release of endorphins, activate the immune system, boost blood circulation and metabolism, detoxify cells, and activate healing processes.

A little goes a long way

The cryoair single one-chamber system from MECOTEC can be used for up to two patients at once. A brief session in the cryo chamber at a temperature of –85 °C in light clothing is completely non-invasive, simple and safe.

Benefits of body cryotherapy

There are a number of health benefits which can be derived from body cryotherapy sessions, which is why some athletes schedule sessions twice daily, and why others might participate every day for 10 consecutive days, and then go once monthly after that. Whatever scheduling works best in your case will still allow you to earn the worthwhile benefits described below:

  • Manages mood disorders – one of the things that happens during cryotherapy is that physiological hormonal responses are encouraged by the ultracold conditions. Some of the hormones released at this time are adrenaline, endorphins, and noradrenalin, and these can all have a very positive effect on anxiety or depression.
  • Suppresses nerve irritation – cryotherapy has the ability to numb any pain you might be feeling, especially due to irritated nerves or pinched nerves.
  • Reduces migraine symptoms – by cooling and numbing the nerves in the area around your neck, cryotherapy can help relieve symptoms for migraine headaches. The blood which passes through intracranial vessels is cooled, and this serves to reduce your symptoms.
  • Treats low risk tumors – cryotherapy is sometimes used to treat specific types of cancer, by freezing the cancer cells and surrounding them with crystals of ice. It has been found to be especially effective in the treatment of prostate cancer.
  • Prevents dementia – research is still ongoing in this area but already promising results have been achieved by taking advantage of the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects of cryotherapy, because these are situations commonly occurring for people with dementia and Alzheimer's.
  • Reduces arthritic pain – cryotherapy is effective as a treatment of arthritis all on its own, and because it is so well-tolerated, it allows for the possibility of more aggressive physiotherapy.
  • Treats dermatitis – atopic dermatitis is a skin condition which is characterized by chronic inflammation, and cryotherapy has been shown to be effective in managing this condition.

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