ProSun V3

ProSun V3

ProSun V3 Level 4 Entry-Level Commercial Tanning Booth

ProSun's 10 minute, level 4 tanning booth

ProSun's V3 is the epitome of a classic stand up tanning booth. This entry-level booth is the ideal selection for business owners who are looking to extend their services to indoor tanning without all the frills of upper level equipment. The V3 is the 10 minute escape from reality your customers deserve.

The ProSun V3 is the perfect entry-level tanning booth for those looking to expand their services with professional tanning. The V3 comes in pearl white, bronze and cherry red. With easy-to-open, space-saving doors that allow the V3 to fit in tight spaces, the V3 is the ideal tanning booth for a new tanning business.


The timer devices on this ProSun equipment is designed to be reachable and operated from within the booths themselves so users can relax and enjoy every minute of their tanning session. ProTech lamps, made by a leading lamp manufacturer, are the longest lasting and strongest in the industry, cutting down on replacement costs. The V3 booth has an open top which provides a less closed in feeling and excellent air flow for maximum comfort.


The ProSun V3 is a customer favorite. Business owners love the space-efficient design and simple power requirements. Their clients love the time-efficient tanning sessions. The ProSun V3 provides a thriving profit center for your business.

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