Luxura X7

Luxura X7

Luxura X7 Levels 4 & 5 Commercial Tanning Bed

Luxura's level 4 & 5, 10 & 12 minute commercial tanning bed

A tanning bed that makes a statement in design and functionality. The Luxura X7 offers a total high-class tanning experience. Guests will immediately feel the power of this bed while relaxing on the ContourPLUS sculpted acrylic, created for superior comfort. The traditional style of the X7, combined with enticing Ambient Flow lights, is sure to enhance the environment of your salon.

When selecting the best tanning equipment for your business, you can still choose a bed that meets your standards without over-the-top costs. The complete X7 has a sophisticated style with features that will surely appeal to you and your customers alike. The X7 comes in a chic and shiny white, making it adaptable to any style environment, with attractive Ambient Flow lights for a little extra attention. With an internal or external timer option through Quick start and Tmax integration, this top-class sunbed can be profitable in numerous business environments.


All X7 models sport carefully placed lamps providing extra tanning power heat things up, but the optional refreshing CliMax feature provides a cooling sensation for true customer comfort. Additionally, the Xsens option adds another dimension to your customer's tanning atmosphere as fresh scents are distributed throughout the interior of the bed for ideal relaxation.


In stunning Crystal White, the X7 will be sure to make a statement in your business and leave a notable impression on your customers. For entertainment purposes, owners may control the music playing from the bed with an SD card, or tanners can simply plug in their own MP3 player for their choice of sound. And thanks to innovative technical solution details, any employee can carry out necessary cleaning and maintenance tasks.

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