Luxura V6

Luxura V6

Luxura V6 Levels 4 & 5 Commercial Tanning Booth

Luxura's 9 & 10 minute, level 4 & 5 tanning booth

Luxura's V6 crystal white stand up booth exudes glamour from top to bottom. User friendly touch screen controls and chic accent colors will instantly charm guests and sophisticate your business environment.

The Luxura's V6 never falls short on power or excitement and comes in two impressive models to fit every owner's business needs. The V6 is the perfect entry-level stand up tanning booth for those looking to upgrade their equipment or expand their services with professional tanning. Your customers will never feel like the quality of their tanning experience is compromised in your salon after encountering the sheer excellence that is the V6.


The V6 comes in a beautiful Crystal White color, along with three fashionable accent colors to pick from: aqua, pink, or gold. Optional Xsens sprays a calming scent along with a light cooling mist for the most pleasant tanning atmosphere. Matched with a user friendly touch screen that allows tanners to navigate settings with ease, the V6 is the ideal unit for indoor tanning lovers.


Space-efficient doors that permit the V6 to fit in tight spaces, and a maintenance-made-easy design makes the V6 every salon owner's vision. Additionally, a changing room can be connected to create an all-inclusive tanning booth, convenient for smaller rooms. The V6 is Tmax integratable and allows your customers to control the unit directly from the user friendly touch screen display inside the booth. If you are a business owner looking to extend indoor tanning to your customers, the V6 will easily attract without going overboard.