Luxura Vegaz

Luxura Vegaz

Luxura VEGAZ Level 6 Commercial Tanning Bed

A perfect combination of form and function, the Luxura VEGAZ is an amazing blend of sleek European design and powerful tanning performance. Luxura VEGAZ Level 6 High Pressure Tanning Bed is the perfect tanning bed for your salon. It's ergonomically shaped contoured acrylic surface and refined upgraded features provide an incomparable tanning experience. With the optional MyLuxura feature, the Vegaz becomes even easier to maintain while keeping downtime to a minimum.


Luxura VEGAZ Level 6 High Pressure Tanning Bed packs up to fifty-two 200-watt lamps, four 600-watt high pressure facial lamps with HPA technology, two 2500-watt high pressure shoulder lamps with HPA technology and a remarkably fast session time. The visually jaw-dropping bed comes standard with inviting features such as Ambient FlowLight with 30 vibrant colors, and the SoundAround audio system with the MyMP3 personal audio device interface. The unique IP control is the Intelligent Power System, a highly sophisticated technique that will allow your unit to have greater energy efficiency and extend your lamp lifespan to around 1500 hours.


The VEGAZ is the ultimate upgrade bed, the bed that tanners will line up to experience, and come back for again and again. Set this luxury bed in one of your upper level packages, or charge a fee for individual upgraded sessions. Though the VEGAZ may appear large and intricate, the acrylic bench and canopy can be opened easily, making cleaning and maintenance simple for staff or technicians. If you want the absolute best for your salon and guests, this Luxura unit will give that to you.

  • Canopy Lamps: Ultra E-Power 32 x 200 W-R
  • Bench Lamps: Ultra E-Power 20 x 200 W-R
  • Facial Lamps: 4 x HPA 600W
  • Shoulder Tanners: 2 x HPA 250W
  • 3 Pole 230V 3~50A 60Hz ( 2 hots 1 ground; Neutral needed for AC )
  • Breaker: 3 Phase-50 Amp
  • Buckbooster: 3 Phase-2*1.0 Kva
  • Session Time: Coming Soon
  • Programmable Internal Timer
  • Dual Hour Counters
  • Timer Display
  • T-MAX Integrated
  • SoundAround Plus
  • MyMp3 Integrated
  • SmartVoice
  • Studio/Wellness music
  • Pre-Installed Speakers
  • Full Color Touch Display
  • Ambient Flowlight
  • Contour Plus
  • QSens Cooling Mist
  • XSens III Aromatherapy
  • Smart Cooling
  • UV LED Booster
  • Shoulder Tanner +
  • Bluetooth
  • User-Friendly Touch Screen
  • Smart Cooling
  • ProTech Premier Lamps
  • MyLuxura Portal (Optional)
  • 88"L x 92.5"W x 73.81"H
  • Rec. Room Size: 10 ft. x 9 ft.
  • Shipping Weight: Approx 1,650 lbs.

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